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Are you looking for more inspiration, direction, and clarity in your love life? It’s time to have the experiences and results that you seek!

I Bet You’re Wondering ...How Do I Partner With Coach Renee?

Coach Renee coaches individuals and couples in person, and virtually. Sessions are booked in 1-hour sessions and priced in individual sessions or packages.

Single Session Dating Consults - $75 a Month

Relational, Dating, and Self-image Coaching: Free 10 Minute Consulting Assessment $0 – It’s Free! We offer a Complimentary Coaching Strategy Session for new clients! Sometimes all it takes is one session to experience a breakthrough in your life and relationships. The single coaching session gives you the ability to sit down in a one-on-one session with me. You can expect to gain clarity in identifying your current obstacles and solutions as it relates to relationships, communication, self-image, and dating. Single sessions are also a great choice for existing clients that need that extra little bit of positive coaching and reinforcement!

  • 1 x 50-55 minute Relational, Dating, and Self-image Session Life homework and insight customized to meet spe


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“Making & Being the Change” Coaching Package $399 a Month

When you are ready to start taking action in your relationship. If you are tired of sitting on the bench and you are ready to get in the game and shoot your shot this is the package for you. If you are looking to find that lucky lady online, or in person, I can coach you through the process to alleviate some pitfalls and ensure that in the end, you put your best foot forward. Let’s identify what is holding you back and start the healing process to get past those obstacles.

  • 4 x 1-hour Relational, Dating, and Self-image Session (4 consecutive weeks preferred)
  • Weekly exercises, homework, and insight customized to meet specific client needs
  • Ongoing email support to enhance your coaching throughout sessions


“Ultimate Love Journey" Coaching Package $799 a Month (Recommended)


 “The Ultimate Love Journey Package” is recommended for two consecutive months. There will be a $79 discount for any additional months following (must be at least two months to get the discount). Dating is a mirror or reflection of what’s going on within you. If you are ready to make consistent and powerful changes in your life and relationship, this package is for you. This package is recommended for maximum and consistent growth.  Often times there is some inner work that needs to be done to improve our current relationship or to finally attract the right “one”. This package will assist you in obtaining what means the most to you rather it’s a relationship, marriage, or healing after a divorce. This is truly a journey to improve your perspective, and experience with the four-letter word L-O-V-E. 

  • 7 x 1-hour Relational, Dating, and Self-image Coaching sessions
  • 1 x 1-hour Follow-up Coaching session 1 month after your last session.
  • Full assessment on your current relationship, habits, mindsets, and inner self 
  • Weekly exercises, healing and improvement homework, and insight customized to meet specific client needs UNLIMITED email support to enhance coaching sessions
  • 1 x 1 hour Bonus Life Plan and Motivational Consulting Session


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Payment Types That We Accept?

We accept payments through:

  • Pay Pal 
  • Debit/Credit Card 
  • Check Payment 
  • Cash App/Zelle

Payments are to be made prior to rendered services. All of our payments are accepted in American Currency. 

Disclaimer:Our goal is to help you WIN and feel like you are truly investing in your future. Professional life coaches do not guarantee results; one, since we’re not ethically allowed, and two, there are just too many factors that can influence the coaching process. However, life coaching is certainly a proven career field, and many studies show that life coaching results in improved happiness, contentment, and productivity for those who commit themselves to the process.

Consider life coaching like a fitness program – you won’t see results after your first workout, but continue to workout and positive results will be on there way!

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Some Topics Include:

  • How Do My Decisions Today Affect My Tomorrow
  • Overcoming Personal & Family Obstacles
  • Responding vs. Reacting In LIfe
  • The Five Love Languages
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Dealing With Stress in Relationships


$500-$1500 per session depending on size and location (if in person, online, time, etc.) and can be combined in a series or multiple visits for an adjusted rate amount.

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